Friday, April 22, 2011

Build Your Own Team

My friend Eric and I used to play a hockey video game all the time. We tired of the conventional teams so we built our own and included all of our friends and their girlfriends among the players. Once we won the Stanley Cup with our created team, we took them into the next season. I think we must have won at least 15 Stanley Cups developing our team over the virtual seasons and literal years before quitting. But in that time several of my friends broke up with their girlfriends in real life. We'd created these women and put them on our team in the video game, but when they split with our friends we dropped them from the team and put them on waivers. But they were so good in our hockey game that other teams would pick them up and we'd have to play them all the time. They would haunt us on the all-time stats, putting up numbers on their new teams that rivaled our friends' performances. They could never completely get away.

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