Saturday, April 16, 2011

Visiting Hours

I've said goodbye to a lot of friends. Either I've moved away or they've moved away. It comes with the territory of being a youngest child and jumping around the country a lot. We all say goodbye in our own way, but so far, I have yet to say goodbye to a friend who's going away to jail for a long time. That would be a bit different. Instead of saying, "See you soon," and knowing we won't see each other more than a few times a year, it'll be, "Yeah, I'll visit lots." Then, of course, I'll never make my way to the jail to tell him all the normal things I'm doing with my life. I read somewhere that one-third of adult males have spent one night in jail, but among everyone I know, I can only name one or two who've spent the night in lockup. I guess they must average out the life sentences with all of us who don't go to jail. Either way, I don't plan on visiting any of my friends too much once they start getting sent to jail.

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