Monday, May 23, 2011

Ex Meet-ups

One Saturday morning I went out to breakfast by myself. I was sitting at the diner's bar with a book, and there was another guy doing the same thing next to me. After a few peaceful minutes a woman came in and joined him. Within moments it was obvious that that two had broken up a while ago and this was their first time seeing each other after taking a break. So the waitress approaches them for an order, and they're out of whatever the guy wants. Instead of choosing something else, he asks specifically which ingredients they're out of and then he tells them to make it with something else. A few minutes later the waitress returns with a message: We can't make it. His response, "Tell the chef he's an artist, and I'm a lover of his art. I want to see what he can do in this dish with whatever ingredients he has available." That was exactly the moment I knew that there was no way this guy's ex-girlfriend would get back together with him. I mean, what kind of a human would go out with someone like that?

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