Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kill to Eat

I read that Mark Zuckerberg was going to start only eating meat from animals he'd personally killed. What the billionaire founder of Facebook does in his killing fields is his business, but he should talk to my friend Shawn before he jumps into this commitment. My friend Shawn was vegetarian but began to eat meat of animals he'd hunted and killed. I'm a fan of venison, so I welcomed his new hunter status. I moved to Salt Lake from Minneapolis, and a year into my time in Utah he came to visit. He'd gotten another deer that fall so he was stocked with meat, but Shawn's not the most detail-oriented guy. Having his own meat basically meant that he would travel around the country with a cooler full of melted ice and wrapped venison. As soon as I saw the inside of that cooler I walked over to my fridge and washed all of the beers he'd brought me from Minnesota.

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