Friday, May 6, 2011

You Going to the Store?

During college my friend Luke was one of those guys lucky and cursed to have a brother three years older who looked exactly like him. When Luke was 18 and I was 20, he would stop at my house which was near a liquor store, and he'd pick up my roommate's massive hockey duffle bag, a wad of cash, and a shopping list. The poor guy was nice enough to buy cases and cases of beer and then shuffle back to our house -- I don't think we ever even chipped in and bought him a 6-pack. With the ID he could also go to bars, but he was a freshman in college and none of his friends had fake IDs. When I turned 21 a year later, he was the only one who could come to my birthday party since I was the first to be of legal age. I'd like to say I bought him a beer that night, but I still don't think I ever have.

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