Friday, June 17, 2011

Brand Awareness

I hadn't seen my friend Sam in years, but we got to hangout a couple times last weekend. The second day he met me for happy hour at a local bar. He arrived wearing the exact same sunglasses as me, with a pair of shoes on that I had in my backpack along with a T-shirt and jeans I was also carrying. The only difference was that my shoes were a faded grey and his a faded red. Otherwise the brand, cut and color of everything was exactly the same. Why, I puzzled, is this? Do we read the same material and get marketed to in the exact same way? Possibly. I know it's not because we're both at the cutting edge of fashion. Could it be that, as the famous surfer said, we make sheep look like independent thinkers? Possibly. I prefer to think that we're two like-minded people who place equal emphasis on comfortable clothing and hip-looking sunglasses.

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