Thursday, June 9, 2011

Car Park

I was walking along the bottom of a cliff trying to spot two friends who'd climbed to the top to set a rope. We hadn't hiked in more than ten minutes from where we parked the car, so it wouldn't be hard to find them if I lost them. I backed away from the cliff to make it easier to see if they were anywhere along the top, and I ended up climbing over massive boulders strewn about the base of the cliff. It took about 15 minutes to pick my way along the cliff, but I finally saw them. They also spotted me and waved. One shouted, "You know there's a trail right at the bottom of the cliff." I couldn't really see it from where I was in the boulder field, but while I was looking around I did notice that I was standing about 200 yards from where we'd parked the car.

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