Sunday, June 19, 2011

Violent Lurching

I was on a long flight writing a lot of these short stories for my daily email when the plane began lurching in a twisting motion. We dropped fast enough for my stomach not to keep up and the engines whined right outside my window. Thanks to the miracle of in-flight wifi, I was also uploading all of my emails for the week at the same time. Our pilot kept trying to make an announcement, but every time he did the PA system would malfunction and he'd get cutoff. If an airline is incapable of keeping their speakers running during a flight then it's horrible to imagine what else they'd messed up. At that moment I was thinking, "Man, I hope this email that I'm loading isn't the last thing anyone ever hears from me. I would have done a much better job if I'd known this was going to be my last one."

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