Sunday, July 17, 2011


I've never been on a cruise before, but I'm taking one in a few days. A bit of online research has opened an entire world that surrounds the cruise industry. All I wanted to find out was if I was permitted to pack a bottle of Jameson in my luggage, but instead I've jumped down a rabbit hole and into a land where normally legal property is subject to bans. Basically, I'm not allowed to bring a bottle of whiskey aboard. The cruise industry makes most of their money from these on-board fees and excursions, and alcohol is a big chunk of the pie. But these cruise-goers do not want to be robbed of their freedoms. They've turned into cruise-MacGyvers, creating ways to smuggle clear alcohol aboard in seemingly factory-sealed bottles of Dasani and Aquafina. I look forward to soon joining their ranks of cruise bootlegger. I'm like the Duke Boys on a cruise ship, only slightly less of a hick.

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