Friday, July 1, 2011

Lightning Bolt

Diamond shopping is a nightmare. A normal person never has the need of diamond knowledge most of their life. And then it comes time to buy one, and you have to become an expert quickly, and then once it's done you get to forget everything you ever learned. Something I learned early on is that stores all have their own names for their signature diamond. One I looked at was called the "Lightning Bolt." I cringed when the guy told me the name and he said, "I didn't like the name at first either, but then they told me it was named that because you felt like you'd been hit by a lightning bolt when you met your fiancee, and now I kind of like it." I told him he should have stuck with his instinct on that one. It got worse when he showed me the literature accompanying this particular diamond as it came with a picture of a wizard standing on top of a cliff while conjuring lightning onto his staff. I may not know much about diamonds, but I knew I didn't want to buy that one.

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