Monday, July 25, 2011

Prison Rules

According to anyone I asked, if prison guards spotted you within 50 feet of the prison walls they were allowed to shoot you. Which is why I stood at least 500 feet away from the prison as one of my friends and three of his brand new friends made a mad dash towards the prison, intent on touching its wall and then running back to safety. Their approach was stealthy. The guards didn't have any external lights on. They made it to the wall without incident, and I stood there watching and wondering why they'd stopped to hangout at the wall. I saw two of the new friends light up cigarettes, and that's when the lights turned on. I'm not sure if they were motion-activated or someone in the guard tower had spotted them, but I'm sure all four set new personal bests in the 100m dash while escaping. Fortunately no shots rang out. Though the shortest route away from the prison was through a drainage ditch that was filled with stagnant water that went up to my friend's chest, and he lacked a clean outfit for the drive home.

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