Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Snow Report

When I moved west I applied for jobs at ski resorts. My first interview was with a resort in Park City. I had applied to be the Snow Report guy. I would have had to be to work by 4:45am six days a week to measure the snow on the ground and then make a recording that shared the conditions, snowfall and temperatures for the day with anyone who cared to call instead of using the internet. The interview was simple, they emailed me a few things to say and told me to call anytime and leave it on their voicemail. I received an email back a couple days later saying that I likely did not have a future in radio, or even in leaving answering machine messages. I found a job at a ski shop before the season, but once it began I called the line one day to find out who'd beat me. A heavy Australian accent gave me the day's conditions. I couldn't complain. I'm sure they felt the Australian gave their resort a much more worldly feel. Plus I didn't have to be to work at 4:45am every day.

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