Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cat Allergies

My friend's roommate had a cat. In general I say I don't like cats, but I don't really have a fundamental problem with them. I appreciate that they mind their own business and you can take off for a weekend of biking or hiking and leave them alone. But I'm allergic. I can sit in the house with one for a few hours, but I ignore them. Ignoring cats is apparently the only thing that attracts them, because they always ignore everyone else in the house and try to curl up in my lap. Or that's what I believe. The alternative belief is that they can tell you're allergic and they're all out to get you and make your life miserable, but I don't think they're that calculating. My friend's roommate said something interesting once: She said he would not date anyone with allergies because she took it as a sign of weakness. As long as I knew her, she was single. I suspect she is still. Maybe it wasn't the cat's allergies turning people off.

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