Monday, August 22, 2011

City Garden

I grew basil from seed in a tiny window box in my apartment. Since I cook about once every other month, I have used the basil exactly once when I made some sort of tomato, cheese and basil contraption. It tasted like you think it would. I wish I could say my six basil plants are organic, but I use a special potting soil loaded with chemicals and add plant food to its water. And in spite of all these synthetic advantages my basil is always on the verge of death. It's because once every few weeks I'll forget to water it for several days, or I'll travel and won't get anyone to watch my few basil plants, and they'll wilt and turn black. But I'll nurse them back to semi-health just in time for the next vacation or drought. I'd throw them away, but they're living things. They might be a bit ugly and I may never use it for cooking, but at least I own something that proves I'm right on the verge of being nurturing.

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