Friday, August 19, 2011

Same Thing, Different Results

A couple people died jumping off cliffs and into a river in Minnesota. The state park banned cliff jumping, and while I was atop the cliff once watching people jump off, two rangers arrived to stop the jumpers. One of the jumpers said something like, "A couple people ruin it for all of us." And the ranger said, "I'm sure they wouldn't have jumped off if they knew they were going to die." And this point could be applied to almost anything in life. We all think we're different and that we'll somehow get different results when we do something millions of people have done before us. For example, I bought a juicer. I know tons of people with juicers who used them for a month and then never touched them again. But I thought I'd be different. I'd keep using mine all the time. But no, I haven't touched it in about 6 months. So here's my point: Never buy an exercise bike.

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