Friday, September 16, 2011

Teacher's Choice

During college I had the luck to end up with a well known writer as a professor for one class. Instead of teaching a small group of graduate students he requested a very large audience with underclassmen. The few grad students allowed to join worked as teaching assistants. They would sit in the front row with doe eyes following his every word, really not any different from most of us. During the second class, the professor walked in moments before it was to start, and he pointed at one of the teaching assistants in the front row. He said, "Mike, I need a favor." Mike hopped up, eyes bright and walked towards our professor with a swagger he had lacked moments earlier. "Mike, I couldn't find a parking spot and I'm on the sidewalk out front. Can you move my car? It's the big silver BMW that's running with its driver's side door hanging open." Mike shrugged and with a downcast look at the floor and scurried up the stairs towards the exit. And all of us felt a little uplift at not being a graduate student.

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