Tuesday, October 25, 2011

University Bills

At my university it was a common practice to drive around and look for a car with a parking ticket on it, and then steal that ticket, slap it on your windshield, and then illegally park your car. Police would leave you alone because they would assume that you'd already been ticketed, and they never called tow trucks on that side of campus. I heard about a university the other week that found a workaround for this scam; they ticket your car every time they drive past it. It seems like a good revenue source for the school, but one that doesn't do the students much good. It's kind of like the late fine I received on 20 library books that were due over winter break and sat in my dorm room while I sat at my parents' house in another state. I decided to stick it to the man by not paying the fine, but then when I went to open my diploma all I got was a past-due bill from the library. And maybe I shouldn't have paid it. So far no one's ever asked to see my diploma. I could have saved that five bucks.

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