Monday, November 21, 2011

No Drink February

So, the goals of no-drink November were tossed aside during a recent surprise party. Really, I'm not sure what we were thinking making a pact not to drink at all during the holidays. It's difficult to imagine sitting through three football games on Thanksgiving day without getting up from the couch periodically to get a fresh beer. Friends asked if I noticed any difference during my two weeks off from beer (and whiskey), and I can't say I saw any real change. The weather was nicer, but I doubt that had much to do with it. Instead of taking a month like November off, I think next time I'll go for February (on a non-leap year). There's no holidays to mess with except Valentine's Day, and I figure I'll save some serious cash by not getting a bottle of wine with that dinner. Plus, only 28 days. Cheers to February.

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