Monday, November 7, 2011

Parking Pass

Finding fake IDs in college wasn't that hard. People would buy them online from Canada and they would be delivered in birthday cards. Far more in demand than fake IDs were fake parking passes. There were few places to leave your car on campus, and people would sometimes drive around for hours trying to find a legal place to park. So some enterprising IT students used their scanners and Photoshop to setup a fake-pass operation for a couple people on our floor. The passes worked for about a month, then one of the kids was called and told to move his car. They said they knew the pass was fake. He walked and retrieved his car and drove away under the glare of the parking attendant. We thought he'd get in some kind of trouble with the university -- perhaps a fine or he'd be contacted by the police, but nothing ever happened. It turned out that the university had never technically made a rule barring students from making and using fake parking passes. And when people talk about quaint, Midwestern universities, it's not ivy-covered walls and sweater-wearing co-eds I imagine, but an administration that never bothers making rules about fake parking passes.

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