Thursday, December 22, 2011

All the Tea in Britain

My friend's British parents are staying at my place this weekend while I'm out of town for the holidays. A few weeks ago, another woman I'm friends with returned from London with a gift of tea. Not just any old tea, I'm told, but some kind of famous London-British-person tea. I have yet to try it as I'm more of a coffee drinker. But, I suspect that the British people staying at my place will indulge. Then last week, another friend gifted me tea. It's loose leaf sleepy time tea, and he said it gives you terrible nightmares. So I expressed interest in trying it, and he dumped some into a plastic baggie. It looks like some kind of illicit drug in its bag, and since it's tea, I've stored it in the tin of British tea that came back from London. I considered moving it when I found out the parents were coming, but then thought twice and decided to see how it plays out. I hope they don't try to smoke it. I can't imagine what kind of nightmares that would induce.

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