Friday, December 16, 2011

Better than Tree Trimming? Beard Trimming.

The best part about having a beard is getting to shave it off. After months or years of having this stuff on your face it's gone and you have a clean slate after just a few minutes work. And the skin on your face isn't like the skin on the top of your head. You're used to having hair on the top and being able to scrub it with shampoo and feel really clean, but unless I'm mistaken, no one makes a beard shampoo. And I'm leaving out the best part -- getting to shave your beard off but keep a really sweet mustache for a day or two. The humiliation of growing a mustache from scratch is unbearable, you look like a pre-teen for a couple weeks before it comes in, but when you get one from trimming a beard, it's as if you've magically grown a full mustache overnight.

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