Thursday, December 29, 2011

Charity Interview

A friend of mine went through a brutal application and interview process to take a job volunteering at a well-known charity that takes care of people with medical emergencies. The questions, applications, and in-person groveling went on for weeks. And out of a field of several hundred candidates, she won the job. She didn't begin for a week but told everyone about her appointment at the prestigious charity and how she would soon begin helping people heal. She then began her job and found out that she would do what every volunteer on the staff does until there's a chance to move up in the organization -- clean bathrooms. Two weeks later, having not advanced beyond bathrooms, she quit. They really could have streamlined that interview process by making just one of the questions, "Are you okay cleaning bathrooms for no pay for about a year?" They'd weed out a lot of the unqualified candidates.

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