Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Work Worksheets

I was on the hunt for a new job several years ago. One prospective employer sent me a long worksheet and only gave me 24 hours to send it back. I worked on it that night, but I wanted to look it over the next morning before sending it in. So I emailed it to myself and then downloaded it at work. Instead of giving it an obvious name, I hid the worksheet document in my folder at work and used the exact same naming convention that I use for all my files. But instead of naming it for that day, I named it for a day far into the future assuming the file would never get found. I did not get the job. Then about 9 months later my boss emailed me and asked why I'd sent him this worksheet from another prospective employer. I had, of course, forgotten about my clever future name for the file several months later and sent it off, like I did everything else. Instead of firing me he made me vow that I would also try to get him a job if that employer ever hired me.


  1. Sounds like Google... was it?


  2. Indeed it was. How that company managed to succeed without my help is beyond me.