Thursday, February 2, 2012

Heat Wave

It was 63 degrees yesterday. A normal temperature for this time of year would be about 15 degrees. When I as a kid, it was normal to get a January thaw. One day of the month that it would rise above freezing and icicles lining the house's gutters would drip. You'd go for a walk that day and hear birds singing for the first time in months. It would be 40 degrees and not a person would be wearing gloves. This winter the birds haven't shut-up, and I haven't seen my gloves in ages. It's dipped below freezing for a few days this whole winter. Yesterday it was 63 degrees and no one even talked about how odd that was.  This is the kind of winter you think you'd love to have, but once it comes, it's so unsettling no one can enjoy it.

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