Saturday, February 11, 2012

Light Bulb Issues

I have a fundamental misunderstanding of compact fluorescent light bulbs. It shouldn't be so confusing. Some turn on the moment you flip the switch, and others take a few moments to heat up and kick off light. My bathroom has about eight light bulbs, and about seven of them burnt out before I noticed. I picked up one pack from a discount store to replace them, but I was a few short, and the other replacements came from Home Depot. Now when I flip the switch in my bathroom they all come on at different times, some showing "daylight" and other the normal harsh fluorescence glow. The old bulbs must have burned out one at a time, because now when I turn on the lights it's like I took a wrong turn and accidentally strolled onto the surface of the sun. Or maybe a helicopter has turned on its spotlights to land on my head.

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