Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chivalry and Cycling

I found out the other day that it's chivalrous to let women get onto the elevator before you. I had no idea. It makes me wonder what other basic rules of chivalry I'm breaking. If anyone had called me on it, I would have said that I'm all about equal opportunity before jumping into the elevator first and hammering the close-door button. I'm good with being chivalrous, and I've been trying to follow this simple rule, but my problem is that the only time I take the elevator is when I have to move my bike up or downstairs. And now that I let people in before me, I have to push my bike in and try to get them out of the way. So what's worse, going in first and not shoving my way through, or letting others on first and then being rude. Cycling needs its own chivalry rules.

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