Monday, April 2, 2012

Antarctic Winter

A friend of mine worked in Antarctica over the summer season. It's when the sun never sets. He knew he'd be bored during the trip, so he bought a guitar before leaving and resolved to teach himself to play. It turned out that sharing a bunker with paper-thin walls and 30 other people with odd sleeping schedules meant he didn't have any great place to practice. He spent a lot of time exploring the research station at the South Pole and shared a slideshow with me upon his return. In the tunnels connecting the complex's buildings, there was a large sign that said, "Alien Base This Way" with an arrow. I suspect it was left by the crew that stays there over the long Antarctic winter, when the sun never shines and they have no hope of leaving since it's too cold for planes to land. I'd love to be on the first plane that lands with provisions and new people when spring arrives. I can only imagine the intricate booby traps the winter crew leaves for their replacements since they have months on end to plan them.

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