Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cell Phone Etiquette Development

In spite of over a decade of heavy cell phone use by the general public, no real code of conduct has emerged. It's still passably acceptable to shout into your phone while in line at the grocery store or to have a conversation using your OUTSIDE voice while eating at a restaurant. The only haven is on planes. I read a while back that the technology planes use to navigate would never be affected by a cell phone, but I hope they never roll back the ban. Sitting in the middle seat while two idiots on either side try to patch things up with an ex would be intolerable. And though I know there's no real cause for it, it still makes me furious when I see people texting or checking Facebook when the plane is taxing to takeoff. The in-flight wifi hasn't been activated, so you know they're still connected. If it didn't mean I'd get arrested and stop the plane from taking off, I'd yell, "Why do you have your phone on? Why is that guy's phone on! Save yourselves! RUN!"

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