Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Google Goggles

A couple weeks back Google released a promotional video for a product they're working on that they called "Google Goggles." They're glasses you wear that project a see-through computer display you can see while walking around town. Plus they have an out-facing camera that you can use for simple things like photos or complicated things like seeing online reviews of nearby restaurants just by looking around. The most useful feature, I would argue, that didn't make it into the video is facial recognition. Your glasses will be able to recognize peoples' faces, and then they can tell you the person's name. You'll never have to remember someone's name again. It's kind of like how none of us know each other's phone numbers anymore, only this is a bit more personal. The only aspect I don't look forward to in these glasses is what I expect to happen--the zombie stare. You know how anywhere you look right now, you see a couple people standing around looking at their smartphones? The future will be just like that, except the person will be using the goggles instead of a phone, so they'll stand there staring blankly into space.

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