Monday, April 16, 2012

Technology Boom

The nature of laptop technology is that I need to get a new about every three years. In some way it's a matter of planned obsolescence. New technology is developed, technology I think I need, and my old computer can't handle new cameras and phones or software powerful enough to manage these new gadgets. But really it's that I run out of space. Seven years ago a 30-gig hard drive could handle more information that I could hope to process in three lifetimes, then three years ago a 250-gig hard drive seemed like the answer. Now a terabyte seems the only way to go, but I'm sure some cool video technology will come out in the next 6 months that will eat up half of that memory in a year. And to think that just 10 years ago it was common to use celluloid laden with chemicals to take photos, and that was really pretty good technology. In another 10 years I'll probably be purchasing new memory for my actual brain.

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