Friday, June 1, 2012

The Alumni Association

The last call from my university's alumni association was ill timed. I'd been laid off from my job about 20 minutes earlier and was walking through the park with a bag full of stuff from my desk. It sounds a lot more pathetic than it actually was, but at that point it was still pretty depressing. I answered the call though it was from an unknown number, and the guy introduced himself and gave me his pitch. I told him I was watching my money pretty close, but if he'd called a few minutes ago when I still had a job I would have given him some cash. He was silent for a while. I don't think they have a script prepared for that answer. In the end, getting laid off worked out great for me and it turned my career back where it belongs, and the other upside is that I still haven't received any further calls from my alumni association about dues.

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