Friday, June 8, 2012

Being Recognized

It's not often that I run into strangers who read this email. It's happened a few times, but it always comes up in the course of a conversation about what I do for a living. Only once has a stranger approached and asked me if I'm the guy who writes I told her I did and we engaged in an awkward conversation about how she recognized me through mutual friends. I was moving the next day, and about an hour after bumping into her I headed to a bar across the street I'd always meant to visit but never did during my time in the neighborhood. I racked up the pool table and knocked the balls around by myself for ten minutes, and then she walked in. She stopped to say hi, and I invited her to play pool. With great reluctance she did, lamenting that she's terrible at the game. She proceeded to beat me three games in a row. Sometimes I cherish anonymity.

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