Monday, June 25, 2012

Drive-in Convenience

I love not having to own a car though it is at times, of course, massively inconvenient. Take for example the other weekend where I wanted to get out of town and go for a bike ride. I purchased a train ticket for myself and stuffed my $5 bike permit in my pocket and boarded the train 10 minutes before it left the station. An early-on meant I was able to take over the part of the train with fold-down seats and jam my bike into a corner. In the next ten minutes exactly every single seat on the train filled up, and then as soon as we left the station about 15 more people walked into my car from the adjoining one. And there I stood next to my bike, taking up four full seats. When I say it's inconvenient not to have a car, I mostly mean so for other people. 

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