Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Most Annoying Facebook Habits, in Order

These are the most annoying things that people do on Facebook, in order: 

1. Update their status, "Everything happens for a reason!" or something in that vein. Really? Just tell us what's going on. We're all interested in your misery; it makes us feel better about ourselves. 
2. Saying anything political. Chances are a lot of people don't agree with you; and Uncle Jeff, no one cares how much you love your candidate. 
3. Putting up ultrasound photos of your unborn child. Way, way too personal. This is the only move that gets an automatic "unfriend" from me. 
4. When I'm stalking someone on Facebook and accidentally "Like" their photo. I hope they don't get updates on their phone. 
5. Any social reader that makes me join it to read an article or watch a video. Guys who join those things, you know it posts to your feed every time you watch a video, right? We can all see what you're watching. 

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