Thursday, July 26, 2012

Broken Plane

On a recent flight and heard the steward call button ring. I never ring those things. I'd love to hit it and ask for a second whiskey (third, if I'm being honest), but I don't want to be the belligerent drunk guy asking for more booze before they've finished serving everyone on the plane. Then the steward call button rang again, and again. It happened so many times in a row that I started looking around to see who was doing it and if they were so out of hand that we were going to make the local news. I couldn't spot anyone hammering away on the thing, so I sat back down. Then it went off for about five minutes straight. Finally the head steward got on the intercom and made an announcement, "Folks, we're sorry about the call button going off. It's broken and they can't fix it until we land." I pushed my headphones deeper into my ears and got up to walk around and use the restroom. It was in the back of the plane that I saw the "electrical systems" board and about half the lights were dark. If the steward call button is broken beyond repair on a plane that's in constant use 16 hours a day for years on end, what else is wrong with it?

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