Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Fan Club

I never belonged to a fan club of any of my favorite cartoons or TV shows as a kid. I wasn't anti-establishment, it was just that I couldn't write fast enough. TV shows used to pop up a P.O. box address where you could send a postcard to join their fan club, and they'd presumably drop some membership card or autographed photo in the mail for you...I wouldn't know. My problem was that I could never write fast enough to get the address down. I'd sit with a pad of paper and pencil and make a frenzied grab for them when the address came up, but it would go off the screen before I could ever get it down. It never occurred to me to only get one line of the address each time it popped up. Now that I can go back and revisit some of these off-the-air shows on Netflix, I'm going to mail off a few postcards and see if any sad writers are left answering the fan mail. 

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