Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Foghorn Call

The guy who sat at my desk at work ages ago ran our public relations so his phone number is on scores of outdated business cards, telemarker lists, and defunct websites. At least a few times a week I'll get a robo call. These are the things politicians and very lazy marketers use to try to sell their wares. They don't begin the recording the moment you pick up the phone, but they give you a couple seconds to say hello and the first half of your name before the recording bursts in and interrupts you. My favorite is a well-known cruise company that begins their robo call with a foghorn. That move makes no sense. Even if a real person began their phone call to me with a foghorn blast I'd immediately hang up. But that they keep running the foghorn program means it's worked on at least a couple people. As a marketer and a human, I find that troubling. 

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