Monday, July 9, 2012

Time Off

So my blog hasn't been working. I've often wondered how many people come here to read it. Stats say maybe 200 a day, but I feel like that's wildly inaccurate. Why do I feel that way? Because it hasn't been working for several days and I received exactly zero frantic phone calls. Most of you probably know that the content found here is the same as what gets sent out in the SteepandCheap Daily Dose email. But this week, for the first time since December 2006, they're not sending the email. Instead, they'll send out a morning notice about an upcoming sale each day this week. So what to do with the time off? Well, I can let down my 10 readers and the 190 bots that visit my site each day. 

So here are a couple photos from my surprise camping trip over the weekend. The place we stayed was insane. They picked us up from the train station in a school bus, dropped us at a trail head for a three-hour hike, and then put all our bags at our campsite. They even sold us Bud heavys for $2 once we got done. It rained a bit, but the site had a little shelter built on it. It was probably more expensive than staying in a hotel but at least we didn't get kicked out for burning the furniture. I would have taken more photos but I was taking special care to make sure I didn't destroy my new phone two days after getting it.

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