Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cutting the Line

I'm not a person who ever cuts lines. If I had to go into a store while my wife was in labor in our car, I would still wait in line. I don't have a car, a wife, or a child on the way, but you get my point. Today I stopped by the grocery store and grabbed a salad, and deep in thought (I was having a conversation with myself about pants) I walked up to the register and paid. I was getting my cash out of my wallet a bit slow, and the clerk reached into my wallet and pulled out a $10, then handed me my change $.10 short. It surprised me a bit, but the last thing I wanted was an argument over ten cents. Then I picked up my bag and turned around and saw there was a line about 15 people deep waiting to checkout. I felt guilty right away, but for some reason the urge to give them a lecture about standing up to people who cut in line was a far more powerful feeling.

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