Friday, November 30, 2012

Locker Room Mix Up

A yoga class let out at my gym just as the elevator doors were closing (yes, my gym has an elevator) and people kept hitting the button to open to let more people in until it was loaded beyond a safe capacity. The guy I was standing behind audibly sighed each time the doors opened to let a few more people aboard. I was the last to get out when we arrived at the top floor, so I had the vantage of watching him follow the crowd of yoga people (mostly women) out of the elevator to the changing rooms. The men's room is in the opposite direction, but he followed the women while staring at his iPhone. I wondered if perhaps there was something else down the hall he took that led to the women's locker room, but a moment later he came out with a jump in his step and hightailed it into the men's room. He'd accidentally walked into the women's locker room. While this is likely illegal behavior (I don't know the law), it was an honest mistake. But the law in most cases takes into consideration only our acts, not our intentions. So I wonder what kind of trouble he could get into. I suppose the embarrassment was enough, and I didn't hear any screams, so hopefully it wasn't too bad.

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