Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Movie Theaters

I seldom go to the movies. The last two I saw in the theater were Inception (great) and Blindside (terrible). I can't handle watching movies with all those people crunching on popcorn, plus movies come out so quickly on demand and the quality is so good at home that it's tough to convince me to go out. My wife likes movies and suggests we go out once in a while, but I remind her of the bedbug scare that swept the city a couple years ago, and then she always agrees to stay home. But tonight, I'm breaking my movie not-going streak to go see the new Bond. This is a film I can get behind traveling to see since it won't make me think too much, and it has the potential to be exciting enough that I'll forget all about the people crunching popcorn sitting around me. And that's the best you can hope for in a movie theater, to be distracted enough that you forget you're in a dark room with hundreds of strangers.

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