Monday, December 10, 2012

Guilty Purchases

Most of my foolish purchases are made out of guilt. For example, I stopped in a small store that specializes in salt and bitters last week. I was going to buy a bottle of bitters to make Manhattans. The store had a whole galaxy of tiny bottles of bitters, and the helpful clerk gave me samples of five of them that she recommended for Manhattans. I had a cold and could not taste the difference between any of them. I told her, and she made me some strange warm concoction with spiced ginger that she said would clear me up, but it did nothing. Then I asked the prices of the bitters and found out they start at $27 per bottle. When I should have walked away, I felt so bad for taking up all her time, that I'm now the proud owner of a tiny bottle of handmade bitter produced in small batches in Los Angeles. I cannot tell the difference in my Manhattans, but at least I have a story to tell about my bitters now.

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