Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dog Show Season

It's nearly dog show season. Well, I suppose the season runs all year, but the one dog show that's on TV (on network TV, not the DogShow Network on channel 1220) is happening soon. I have an urge to go that I cannot explain. I like dogs, but I do not believe in a pure or "master" breed or "race" of dogs that is somehow better than other dog breeds. In fact, mutts in my experience are less insane, though all dogs are to a certain degree insane, which is probably why I like them so much. If I do indulge my urge to go to the dog show, I plan on putting huge steaks in both my big jacket pockets. Now I'm wondering if that's somehow illegal. Carrying steaks? I bet it's just considered in poor taste, and besides, how would they stop me? They wouldn't show up on metal detectors, they'd have to employ some sort of steak-sniffing dog, but that's just crazy.

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