Friday, February 15, 2013

Mistaken Identity

I met a friend at the pub to pick up a bunch of ski gear I'd loaned him for his trip to Sundance in Utah. While in the state he generously picked up a few items as a thank-you to me for the gear, most of them were free items given as Sundance gifts. We had a few pints and dinner, then I grabbed the open-top bag packed to the brim with my gear. And stuffed at the very top, some hemp-based men's grooming products they'd gifted me. An extra (unnecessary) gift for me loaning out some ski pants. I pedaled my bike home, holding the bag with one hand, and when I arrived, I forced my way onto the elevator. Turns out the other two people already on it live on my floor. So here I was, a bag with a box on top of it with hemp hand cream, but the hand cream company made the unfortunate decision of putting a huge marijuana leaf sticker on top of the box. It's sticking out so both my neighbors can see it. I should have mentioned earlier that the particular smell of burning marijuana creeps down from our upstairs neighbor's place on a nightly basis, but I'm sure now my neighbors all think it's coming from my place.

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