Sunday, February 24, 2013

Those Scary Moments

We all have these moments where things could have gone very wrong. The ski that almost doesn't hold an edge on top of a cliff band, the time you make the mistake of climbing over a shaky placement, or the time you almost got smoked by a car stepping off a curb. The other night a large dump truck barreled past in oncoming traffic before I almost made a turn in front of it. It's these fragile moments where you realize that instead of spending the split second looking at headlights go past, everything would have been very different if you'd started on your way and found yourself looking at the grill of the speeding truck. And instead of your life flashing before your eyes in that split second, you have all night to ponder the fragility and wonders of life. If that split second ever comes for me, I know I'll never spend it wishing I'd spent less time drinking good beer with friends.

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