Thursday, March 28, 2013

Minute Clinic

I went to one of those see-you-in-an-instant clinics after I had an allergic reaction to sunscreen. I wanted something right away, but I still had to wait a couple hours to see the doctor. But a bona fide doc she was, with a diploma from her school in the Caribbean hanging right on the wall. I could see in the mirror behind her that she was using an iPhone hidden behind her clipboard to look up my symptoms, and then when she found something that matched them, she looked up the meds and wrote me a prescription. It worked fine, and I was okay with it since I put a lot of faith in the internet. The only thing that bothered me at all about the whole situation was that the doctor's iPhone was a few generations old. You know you can get a new one for free every couple years, so I guarantee this woman lost her new one while partying in the Caribbean and had to go back to using her old one until she was eligible for another upgrade.

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