Friday, March 15, 2013

St Patty's Day

It's one of the first weekends nice enough to head up mountain biking, so I was thinking I'd pack up my stuff and hop the train out of town Saturday morning. But it's also St. Patrick's Day weekend. I prefer to lay low this weekend since my favorite bars are all packed with people 10 years younger than me drinking copious amounts of green beer, hence the cycling plan. But then it occurred to me that the train I'd be taking home will be overcrowded with revelers making their way into town to partake in the festivities, so I'd have to stand in the train door my whole ride home moving my bike back and forth to accommodate people in green hats climbing aboard at every stop. So, instead, I'll ride Sunday morning and try to make the commute when everyone is still hungover and the new batch of people who choose to observe the holiday on Sunday have yet to make their way into the city. Getting old has its advantages.

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