Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Talking Stick

I have the tendency to start talking when there's a break in conversation, at least in certain cases. Most often in office environments since that's when you're fighting to be heard. But one of my old co-workers would never talk. I found it odd during one-on-one chats. Then he left the office and began working long distance. He'd say something in our phone conversation, they're be a long break in talking, and instead of jumping in to make noise, I'd just sit there. It started because I was also answering emails while talking to him, and it was awkward the first few times. But eventually he'd start talking again once he'd formed an opinion, and that's when he'd share some of his best ideas. I think it makes a good case for having a talking stick around the office. Mostly because I want to yell, "You can't talk unless you have the stick!"

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