Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Utah Beer

When I moved to Utah I assumed that the beer would be terrible. There are all these complex laws about how much alcohol can be in beer depending on whether you buy it on tap at a bar vs. in a bottle vs. at a gas station vs. at the state-run liquor store. My logic was that anyone who loved beer and brewing good beer would choose to do it somewhere far from Utah, but I found to my delight that I was wrong. You see, people who love the outdoors also love beer, and there are few places in the world better to experience the breadth of wonderful outdoor activities than Utah. So, when I arrived I found that some outdoor- and beer-loving people (with extraordinary skill for attention to detail) had opened some fantastic breweries in Utah. It was another nice reminder that I never really have any idea what's going on, which is nice since I'm so often pleasantly surprised.

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