Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Used Gear Shop

I used to work at a gear shop that resold used equipment. We'd fix camp stoves people filled with citronella oil, mend broken tent poles, and also give them store credit on their old gear to buy slightly newer gear. Rather than an organized system of racks and displays, we mostly stored our jackets and other soft goods on tables and in impromptu piles. We argued to our bosses that the piles created a sense of urgency among our clientele, perhaps creating the illusion that things were coming into the store and selling so fast that we never had time to put them away. One day our boss took a stand and told us to put everything away. But since all of our gear was old, and shoppers would sometimes take off their jackets while trying on other jackets, I accidentally put away other people's jackets a couple times, and it would take us a while to find them. This became our new excuse for not putting things away.

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